Saturday, July 2, 2011

Massacre In Xinjiang Kashgar Region Of China In Progress

9:30 PM PT  July 2, 2011

Hacker Leaks has received a very disturbing message from a hacker in China, the message is as follows:

"China Xinjiang Kashgar region scene of large-scale violence. Southwest China's authorities to dispatch military and five military emergency rescue units. The situation is urgent."

We urge the world's media to check on this report, as Local Leaks has reason to believe that a large scale massacre is currently taking place in southern China at this very moment. If our source sends any more material we will update this post asap. We urge EVERYONE to keep their ears to the ground for intelligence on this. Is China killing thousands of it's own citizens at this very moment ?


  1. Don't you have any further information on this?

  2. Hi,

    I would also like more information. I looked up "xinjiang" and "masscare" in Chinese and there don't appear to be any reports in the usual places:

    Really not sure what else to do, if this is legit. Anyway, email me if you've got info and it will go public. mprob7 at the gmail account. MPR

  3. Yeah! Let these people fight for human rights. I appreciate your contribution to humanity. If you teach others how to obtains the leaks it would much effective. More people involved = faster we win!!!

  4. Just found this on BBC News:

    "China: Unrest in Kashgar, Xinjiang, leaves 15 dead":

    "China violence: '20 dead' in Kashgar city in Xinjiang":