Sunday, July 10, 2011

Academy of Management Studies: Hacked !

July 10, 2011

Hacker Leaks has received the following anonymous submission:

"I managed to hack into the Academy of Management Studies administrator account and I'm now in the process of deleting accounts"

This disclosure was accompanied by the following screen shots in a zip file:

Since this disclosure was submitted by a hacker with an excellent reputation for this sort of exploit, Hacker Leaks has no choice but to accept that this institution has been violated in an especially thorough way. Funny that they claim to offer a top rate IT education, and yet they were so completely owned.


  1. As a student I must say that what you learn today in the universities is old stuff and not effective against hackers around.
    This Academy probably have more to be learned

  2. Well, whoever did this isn't all that skilled. Just really simple SQLi. That's all it takes to do it. I noticed that these guys use append queries(at least I think) to identify users. It's funny because someone indexed a link (with a session as an admin still active) on Google, so all you have to do is click a link, and you're ready to submit another form(Set to add killer boys). If you look at the URL, they use AdminLogin.asp so anyone can get in really easily. Even a 76-year-old woman...... GRAMMA GOT ARRESTED BY THE BUREAU! Now that is good Christmas song.