Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Famous American Film Critic Roger Ebert Gets OWNED By Rapt0r !

10:45 PM PT - July 5, 2011

A hacker calling himself Rapt0r has hacked into the G-mail account of famous American film critic Roger Ebert. According to the hacker, he gained entry into this account, changed the password, downloaded a single docoment from Google Docs, took screen shots of various parts of the account - and finally downloaded over 5000 E-Mail messages from Roger Ebert's inbox.

Our analysis is straight forward, the hacker in question did exactly what he claims. Along with an account of the hack, Hacker Leaks received in our anonymous submission box a zip file containing over 5000 E-Mail messages and the screen shots which we publish here, and a single rather bizarre document which we are presently analyzing. We have decided after careful deliberation that we will not be releasing Mr. Ebert's E-Mail messages at this time.

And to add insult to injury the final screen shot shows what our investigators found to be true, that Rapt0r E-Mailed the worlds press with his exploit from WITHIN Roger Ebert's Gmail account. Hacker Leaks has confirmed through multiple sources that they did indeed receive the hackers message apparently addressed from Roger Ebert's personal E-Mail.


  1. I am in total support of the antisec movement but hacking this douchebag's account is trivial. Rapt0r, put your skills to use to free society from oppression!

  2. Hey, this is R1ku in Roger's account and I agree with "The Concerned Patriot" which is why I also hacked into Roger's account so our attention could be turned toward something serious.