Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fiji Intelligence Officers Ask For Hacker Assistance In Hacking Government Servers

June 28, 2011

HackerLeaks received a message purporting to be from intelligence officers in Fiji requesting the aid of hackers worlwide in hacking their own governments servers. here's the full text of the message received and the reply address.

"Hello brothers
We are intel officers fighting to free Fiji from a dictactor and its miltray rule by bringing peace and a democratic government. The people are being beaten everyday while our government fills it pockets with huge monies from public funds.
Reference of what is happening in our small country Fiji can be found at our blog sites:
we in Fiji dont have resources to fight the government and retrive information from their servers to let the world " know the truth" about our governments shady dealings. That is why we need you.
please help us crack and steal government file and sites.
E-Mail address: intelsource919@gmail.com


  1. These people are political revolutionaries trying to get people to rise up against the Fiji government.

  2. Umm can you hack something for me?